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We do this by developing and investing in green hydrogen projects focused to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the hard to abate industries and heavy duty mobility.

Hydrogen Basics

Clean hydrogen offers the only long-term, scalable, and cost-effective option for deep decarbonization in sectors such as steel, maritime, aviation and ammonia, contributing 20% of the total abatement needed in 2050.

Hydrogen when used for combustion produces only water vapour as by product, generating

Zero Emissions

Meet the process behind the green hydrogen production:

From Electrons to Molecules

Renewable Energy

The first step to produce green hydrogen is to have access to 100% clean energy, to ensure there are no greenhouse gas emissions along the whole production process.



Water is the feedstock needed to generate green hydrogen. Each molecule of water contains one oxygen and two hydrogen atoms.

1 kg of hydrogen gas requires about 2.4 gallons of water as feedstock.



The process to produce Hydrogen from electricity and water is called electrolysis.

Electrolysis is a technique that uses electric energy to drive a chemical reaction that otherwise would not spontaneously happen. In this specific case, renewable energy is used to drive the separation of the water molecules (H2O) into Hydrogen and Oxygen gas.



Through electrolysis, the energy is converted from electrons to hydrogen molecules. Hydrogen, similarly to natural gas, can be stored and transported in liquid or gas forms, pure or in other forms (as ammonia for example).


At VÄTERGY we are determined to get things done. That’s why we want to provide hands on support and investment in all the value chain of the project development: from origination to operation.

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We have no geographical limitations for our ambitions and are open to discuss collaborations and partnerships that help to achieve a real change

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